Enjoy the sounds of DJ Fire Que

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SATURDAY 7:00 pm trending_flat 8:00 pm

DJ Fire Que is best known for his love of House Music. His fascination with House began in high school, where he would sneak into the local clubs and dance by himself. The DJ at that time noticed him and allowed him to come up to the booth. The energy that the crowd gave when the DJ played certain songs intrigued Fire Que. As time went on, his love of music grew and grew. It was his fascination with House Music was the drum Fire Que had to beat. He especially loves deep and soulful style House music. That is where there is more of a rhythm and drive.

Fire Que has been DJing off and on for years, but recently returned to it professionally. Under the guidance of Tomie B aka DJ Real, he finally found a person that loves House music as much as he does. This sweetens the pot because she did the only local House radio show in the Greensboro area. So he dusted off his headphones, turntables, and the rest is history.

He currently is the Program Director and a resident DJ on House 90.1FM on WNAA at North Carolina A&T University. The show airs Friday afternoons at 2pm. He is a Co-founder of The Spin City Conglomerate and Unified Stereo. He has been featured on The SoundBox, WQFS 90.9, The Sessions Worldwide, and Greensboro NC Pride Parade, and many other events.

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