Oak City Soul Sessions

Enjoy the sounds of DJ Rhymic!

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SUNDAY 12:00 pm trending_flat 1:00 pm

Promoting, providing, and continuously digging for deeper vibes in the City of Oaks. Join Ryan McGuire (DJ Rhymic (Rye Mick) the self-proclaimed “neighborhood flavor purveyor” as the primary OCS DJ on my soulful excursions with occasional features from guest DJ’s. 2021 marks my 25th year of digging in the crates. A crafty blends specialist with a focus on funk, jazz, soul, deep house, Latin-Afro rhythms, reggae & dancehall to name a few. I’ve rocked decks from NY to SF, Toronto to the Caribbean. I started OCS as a DJ social club, a home for audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts. We’re here for those who share the passion for digging in dusty crates. For those who enjoy the hunt of rare grooves. We’ve got that sophisticated, classy, and timeless vibe cued up for you. This is for the folks who are more curious about the “b side.”  For more info, check out: Oak City Soul

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