Enjoy the sounds of DJ UZO

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In his own words, “I am of Nigerian, Cameroonian and Russian descent. Born in a country that does not exist anymore, USSR.”

DJ Uzo is a charismatically classic mix of mad genius and humble human. His artistic brand is known for unaltered earphones, a scarf, and boyish looks. He leaves you wanting more of an irresistible urge to dance in whatever venue he plays.

DJ UZO set out to explore the world in order to amplify the culture of the American Spirit. The diverse background he has guided him on the path to the White House. He met and sat down with the 44th President Obama. This inspired him to set out on traveling in order to share the knowledge, wisdom of entrepreneurship, social, and cultural awareness for community building.

His vision is to unite and educate cultures. With the prime focus to enrich and empower people. He chooses the tools of doing so through art, music, and fashion. His charity organization, “UNITED IN AMERICA”, the goal is to raise awareness and create opportunity vessels for many talented souls.

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