Enjoy the sounds of Eriko Lua Cheia

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FRIDAY 5:00 pm trending_flat 6:00 pm

Eriko “Lua Cheia” Tsubosaka is one of Japan’s premier House Music DJs.

Lua Cheia has been featured at events and festivals worldwide. From Indonesia to Mexico. From Japan to the UK to the US. With 15 years of dance training, Lua is an expert of NYC House dance style and also brings that experience to the turntables.

Lua’s record collection is extensive due to her working at Downtown 304 and dancing in NY clubs. She has formed relationships with some of the best DJs/Producers in the industry. Her deep understanding and appreciation of music are apparent whenever she spins and Lua has received enthusiastic praise from audiences and critics alike, thanks to the energetic drive and soulful feeling she inspires through every set.”