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MANTi was born and raised in Iran and moved to the U.S. in 2009 to further her education. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2014 and began her career as a management consultant.

Her passion for music started at an early age. She grew up imitating pop stars and learning the choreography to her favorite songs. Her love for dancing and was always looking for an excuse to throw a good party. She always wanted to play the latest songs and share her love of music with others. MANTi grew up listening to different genres of music including Persian traditional music, Classic/Alternative Rock, and Hip Hop. She started listening to Electronic music in her teenage years and really got into it. She has always been more interested in the deeper, darker sound.

When MANTi moved to the U.S., she started going to a lot of underground parties. This opened her eyes to a different music scene and this experience had a profound effect on her. It made her want to be a part of the creative process of making music and fully immersing herself in it.

Her music draws influences from her travels around the world and her Middle Eastern roots. Her beliefs in the drums are the most important part of the music and how she creates tracks. She spends ample time on sound design, making the perfect Kick, Hihat, and Percussion before getting started on the rest of the elements.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, MANTi is studying Music Production and Sound Design at Point Blank LA. She is working on a new EP and is planning to start traveling the world to share her music with everyone.

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