Enjoy the sounds of Mirko Vice

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FRIDAY 4:00 pm trending_flat 5:00 pm

Mirko Vice was born in 1980. He has been playing on consoles, vinyl, and CD players since he was 12 years old. Using his creativity to make a real discotheque in his living room with strobe and mirror ball, this is where he hosted parties with his childhood friends.

In 1995, he started as DJ at a small radio station. Since then, he has walked a long path. Gathering broad expertise of the radio and nightclubs worlds, he constantly expands his musical knowledge in a new and special way. He is always redefining and reviewing his innovative sequences and his interpretation. So much so that, he requested by some of the coolest clubs with the most exclusive parties locally and nationally.

Over the years, he has shared the booth with many important DJs in the national and international music scene. Among the names, Marco Fullone, a DJ and art director of Radio Monte Carlo. Also Ivan Iacobucci and Stéphane Pompougnac (resident DJ at Hotel Costes). He has also worked and collaborated with some great musicians. Legendary names such as Giuseppe Milici, Barbara Tucker, and Sharon Maylinn.

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