Enjoy the sounds of Miss Voltaghe

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WEDNESDAY 11:00 pm trending_flat 12:00 am

Miss Voltaghe is one of the up and coming DJs mentioned by many.

Influenced by Jazz, Funk, Disco, and other pieces of music out there. Her sets are based on her love for the Chicago House with several different textures and nuances. Miss Voltaghe also has a niche taste. For example, she drops a touch of the Tech-House sounds in her sets.

For over 13 years, she has been able to define her style. In addition, she’s been getting booked in many venues and local events in Mexico. She has performed at massive festivals such as “Toltecnica” and “Love Parade”. Her talents have enabled her to play alongside world-renown DJs such as Marques Wyatt, Lego, Colette, Marusha, Kaskade, Jay West, Joshua Heath, Sandra Collins, Quivver, Manuel Sahagun, and DJ Heather.

Currently, she continues to push the limits with her project “Nectar Fluye House” which is dedicated to promote and grow the House Music movement in México City.

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