Enjoy the sounds of Mr. Mogembo

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Mr. Mogembo was born in 1974 in Toronto, Canada in a home that crafted his love with music. Early in life, his family migrated to Florida which in his own words, “A climate more fitting for his Guyanese parents”. While growing up on a farm in a rural town outside Orlando, his cousins in New York and Toronto were sending amazing mixtapes from mostly unknown DJ’s. This sparked his journey into learning and developing his musical profile.

In the ’90s, he moved from the farm to Miami, Florida. In this new environment, he spent a lot of time listening to, carrying records, and occasionally playing on some huge sound systems. Such sound systems belonging to iconic venues entitled “Groove Jet” and “Liquid”. His quest landed him to play alongside his beloved friends like Reese, DJ Stingray, Luis Diaz, and Mark Leventhal. They showed him a whole new world and he was hooked.

Currently, he invests his time in a non-profit organization entitled “Rhythm League NPO“. This project is led by himself, DJ Todd-Love, and DJ TL Smooth. Their goal is to help build the culture with the Orlando community through organizing volunteering and fundraising efforts. With his focus, the three are on pursuit to take love of the nightlife into the daylight.

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