Enjoy the sounds of RYE

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SUNDAY 8:00 pm trending_flat 9:00 pm

In an industry driven by egos and flashy visuals, RYE reminds listeners that it’s about the music. Techno music, to be precise.

This Louisiana native’s disarmingly personality masks a relentless work ethic, which is evident in her sets. In addition, RYE follows an archetype of Minimal Techno. It begins with a selection of instrumentals that crescendo into hard, percussive tracks that rock to the dance floor.

Rye claims an impressive resume in the techno community. As a resident DJ of the New Orleans-based Techno club scence, she’s showcased on Crowded Floor and Beyønd podcasts. In addition, she has played at Beta Nightclub, a venue listed by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top nightclubs in the US. An expansive catalog of record labels makes up Rye’s influences. This includes Up To Loft, Perception Dub, Akbal, Zeitlos, Melotherapy, Minim.all, and many more.

Outside of the music world, she has dual degrees in biology and chemistry. Her intentions are to augment this background with a degree in chemical engineering. Above all, RYE will continue her upwards trajectory towards recognition in music.

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